Active Share

Active Share is the percentage of a portfolio’s stock holdings that differ from a benchmark index. It is based on the weightings of securities in a portfolio compared with those of a benchmark and can be used as a measure of the degree of a portfolio’s active management. An 80% active share means that 80% of the fund’s holdings deviate from the benchmark. Active Share is not a performance measurement. The anticipated range of Active Share for ABCS compared to the Bloomberg US 2500 is 50%-80+%.

Active Share (6/30/2024):

ABCS ETF with Portfolio/Vanguard ETFs Look-through

US 2500


US 500


US 2500: Bloomberg US 2500 Total Return Index (Bloomberg  2500) is a float market-cap-weighted benchmark of the lower 2500 in capitalization of the Bloomberg US 3000 Index.
US500: Bloomberg US Large Cap Equity Total Return Index (Bloomberg 500) is a float market-cap-weighted benchmark of the 500 most highly capitalized US companies.